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Building Trust: Recruiting Go-To

Successful hires lead to client trusting IFG with all hiring needs.

The Challenge

An environmental services team had multiple hiring needs. One of their challenges was they didn’t have an internal recruiting team, which meant they were relying on agencies, their website or word-of-mouth referrals to get candidates. This simply wasn’t working.

Our Solution

IFG started working directly with the company’s Corporate Controller to first fill needs on her immediate team. IFG had multiple conversations to fully understand the company’s business so they could provide them with resumes from top candidates in the market. This started at the job description stage, where IFG helped the company refine it based on their needs, and then deliver candidates who aligned with those needs.

The Outcome

IFG’s relationship with the environmental services company has mushroomed over the years. The Corporate Controller introduced IFG to the company’s audit and finance teams. Today, IFG has become their go-to recruiting firm for any department that might have a need. By finding a common thread and simplifying the process, IFG was able to build trust and credibility.

Thank you for instilling the confidence in me to persevere through hardship, Mary. Other recruiters gave up on me easily when I told them what I wanted - you did not. You made me feel like I can finally re-seize my life again. Thank you for EVERYTHING.

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Industry Spotlight:

Non For Profit

The nonprofit sector is characterized by its distinct set of challenges and unique mission-driven goals. From managing limited resources to fulfilling a noble cause, nonprofits require specialized recruitment support. Whether you need project professionals for short-term initiatives or seek full-time staff, IFG offers comprehensive and cost-effective assistance. We excel in evaluating, planning, and executing recruitment strategies, particularly in areas such as finance, IT, outsourcing, and full-time placements.
Our expertise spans across your nonprofit organization, ensuring you have the right individuals in place to further your altruistic mission and make a meaningful impact in the community. Rely on IFG to help you find the dedicated individuals needed to drive your nonprofit's goals forward.